Friday, 2 December 2016

The funny and bad side of science

Once there lived 2 boys Siaosi and Alfa  who were interested in science so they did some research about science experiments on a monday evening. The time was flying by then they found a amazing experiment that captured their eyes they were amazed by its performance so they tried to do it by attending a science class.
But the thing is they didn't know a clue how to make it happen. They watched the clip over and over again so they knew what to do. Then  the boys went to the mall to buy the items and ingredients to begin the experiment.
The next day alfa and Siaosi  got ready for school and went straight to the science lab with excitement in their heads. The ingredients and items that were included was a long neck lighter and a pumpkin they followed the video clip on youtube step by step Siaosi carved the pumpkin stalk out and put it out to the side for the lid. And Alfa drilled with his mighty hands a small hole for the gas using the lighter. But sadly the internet cut off so the video turn off and the boys didn't know what to do but Siaosi felt confident and thought he was the man so he continued with the experiment. He closed the lid and inserted the  long neck lighter and let the gas flow in with the pumpkin he lit the lighter and nothing happen so he waited and waited  but soon he had no patience so he

Took the lid off……. and BOOM the flame came bursting out of the pumpkin and Sialosi's hair and eyebrows caught in flames he quickly grabbed a bucket of water and dipped his head into the bucket  and realised his eyebrows and hair was completely gone while Siaosi was in pain Alfa started to laugh his head off and the prom was tomorrow but he still went he wasn't the man he was the man with NO eyebrows and hair.

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