Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Rugby League

On Tuesday my Class went outside to do some Rugby league skills on the netball court. The first thing that we had to do was warm up, we played a game called Benji says to do this. Then we had to pass the ball to other people in our group if you pass it to the others in your group ten times then the other team had to do ten pushups. After that we had to play back pass we had to get in our groups, we had to pass the ball backwards along the line until the last person got it and they scored a try. We were in 2 groups and whoever got the most points and we won. after that we had to play two on one. one group is defending and one group is getting a try after that we had to swap sides and play again and again.

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  1. Rugby League looks like so much fun Simon. This is really good writing from you. I liked how you explained what you did during your session. Keep up the great writing!