Friday, 14 October 2016

ch ch ch changes MATTER

On Wednesday our teacher gave us a Story about Matter i Remember in the story there are 3 different states
Solid,liquid,gas the task for us was to find good information from the text and add it on to a padlet. If you didn't know any solid object  has heaps of particles the particles are tightly stuck together and it would not move at all and thats why when you drop a rock on the floor its hard to break. when ice is melted the tightly packed particles will loosen up and the particles would move around alot its like slippery balls in a basket moving. Then the ice will turn into water which is liquid. WATER when water is poured into a hot pot
after a few minutes the water will be boiling and the particles will be moving fast as cause of the heat when the particles bumb into each other it cause it to move fast and it would turn into GAS.

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