Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Commonwealth games

Finally  the Commonwealth games has began. commonwealth game We have been waiting for years and years and years. We love to play games all around the world it is amazing. I have something to tell you now  I'm telling you this that in Scotland they have built  an athletes village. It  looks so cool did you   hear that it took  them five years to built the village? i think  that NZ is competing with  Australia.
Did I Tell you my favorite sports  of course i didn't
well my favorite sports issss Boxing and the Rugby sevens.The funniest thing that i like about  Boxing is when you get
punched on  the face in slow mo. And they are super fast

Do you know why do I like Rugby sevens it helps you get strong healthy and you
can get energy. It also helps you get a good life and  your family could  be healthy to.
Rugby sevens in my life is a special thing. I've dreamed of me being fet  and strong. ph 2

 The Commonwealth games started when  all of the Country’s became friendly
and thats the only way to be together and make friends. The Commonwealth games
started in 1930. I think that all of the athletes should  be vs their own country like NZ
or Singapore or even Canada or Tonga. I think they should.

I think that New Zealand great at Cycling Rugby and other things…...  

NZ  rocks do you think NZ rock

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